Jan 17, 2021

Cold Sunday In Fort Lauderdale ~

 Sometimes life gives us a cold and rainy day.
so wear cute boots and remember to play...

Waking up to chilly temperatures for Florida living.

Arvid was very happy to let me know he had four 
layers over him this morning.  We sleep with two covers, 
but for "safety" against the cold he always has another cover
 by him which he doubles for the two additional layers.
  He's happy or warm and Sniff snuggles in by him.

Back in Florida means even more careful than ever.  
In Puerto Rico we felt comfortable and safe eating outdoors.  
Here in Florida not so much as yet, but give it some time 
and maybe we will find a few places that practice
 a little more safety than most.  Will happen.

We went for our fist walk yesterday.  It was beautiful.

Sunday.  Back to Sunday routines of take-out until we feel
 safe to actually go to a restaurant here in Fort Lauderdale.

There is no such thing as bad weather,
 only different kinds of weather...