Jan 12, 2021

It's The Final Goodbye ~

 The sweetest part of leaving home is knowing , beyond
 the shadow of a doubt, that you'll always carry it with you...

As we drive away from our apartment in Puerto Rico, one 
of my last sights is of the beautiful view we leave behind.  I already
look forward to the day we will be driving down this little hill
 again.  It will take us back home to this beautiful island.

I don't even want to think of what will become of "my"
 kitties. I have fed them for the last time for this trip.  I never
 thought it was going to be so hard on me to leave Puerto Rico. 
 Honestly, I want to stay, but we need to go home back to
 Florida.  We also have a home to take care of there.

The one I call Shy Boy waits for me every morning in 
his usual spot.  Just thinking of him waiting for his foodies is
 too much.  I am really stressing about him.  He survived before 
I showed up.  Just like the others, I hope they will be OK.

Then there are the twins.  They are both little crybabies,
 and I love them.  The have gotten very close up to me. 
 Now that I am leaving they are no longer that scared.  

One has an injured neck.  Somedays it looks like it's
healing and then it's back to being raw again.  They are
 bigger and stronger now, so I hope and pray they survive
 life in the wild.   I already miss them all. Until next time 
little ones.  Please be safe and survive until I come back.

I am very heartbroken right now.  I never expected to
 fall in love with all the little kitties along my morning walks,
 but I did.  I am grateful because they made me get up everyday
and walk.  Just because I knew they were waiting for me.

As we leave, I just hope they will survive.  Arvid says they
 will because that's what they are used to.  I will leave it at that 
because otherwise I will be tormented thinking about them.  
Happy I was able to feed them for almost 5 months.

Goodbye kitties. Shy Boy, Grey, Fluffy, Pooper, 
The Twins and Bully.  There are some more, but I call them
 the Newbies.  They are tiny and still scoot away as soon as I
 walk by.  I leave them food and they eat it when I leave.

I have loved every single moment spent in Puerto Rico.
I will miss this island more than I realized.  My sister,
 Kimsy, the kitties, and the peaceful times we have had. 
 I look forward very much to the day we come back.

Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, 
and grow old wanting to get back to...