Jan 4, 2021

Monday January 4th ~ Happy New Year

Nothing is permanently perfect. But there are
 perfect moments and the will to choose what 
will bring about more perfect moments...

The wind has not calmed down much, but I think it makes 
everything prettier.  The palm trees at the beach just sway 
as if they are coordinated.  This is from Luquillo beach.

  Just about a 20 minute drive from us.  A beach we frequented
 quite often while growing up in Puerto Rico.  Still love it.

Sniff and I are happy our alone time is soon over. 
 Arvid is  back home soon.  I do know as soon as he gets here,  
life just takes on a different pace.  As my mom said, "enjoy the 
relax time while you can."  They know Arvid very well.

The other day Arvid told me he was going to
 be very busy so he won't be calling me in the morning, 
but he called me even earlier than I expected.  He said 
the most adorable thing to me.  He said, "I need to hear 
your voice."  Made my day and I'm still smiling.

Since Arvid has been gone, he calls me anywhere from 
3 to 4 times a day.  Even for me that's a lot, but I love it. 
 I also love to hear his voice.  It was and still is
 one of the many things I fell in love with.

Monday here. Hopefully today I will go to the beach
 again.  Just for a drive and a walk along the park.
  Maybe also on the sand.  It relaxes me and 
makes everything feel so much better.

Wishing everyone a happy start of the week, and 
hopefully so far 2021 has been good to everyone.
Looking forward to less drama this year 🙏😊

Use your precious moments to live life fully
 every single second of every single day...