Jan 28, 2021

Make Today Amazing ~ Thursday January 28th ~

Because when you stop and look around life is pretty amazing...
It's all about stalking that leaf on the balcony.  After an 
hour or so Sniff was worn out.  He naps a little then wakes
 up and starts all over again.  It keeps him busy all the
 time.  Sometimes I even bring leaves and scatter 
them around on the balcony for his enjoyment.

Sachin our nephew like so many kids today graduated
 high school during COVID times,   For him the first year of 
college was spent online, also like so many others, but yesterday
 Sachin headed out to attend college in an actual class room.  

Good luck Sachin we love you and we wish you the best 
especially now during these not so "normal" times.

I was awake very early.  Most days I am, but today I got
 out of bed.  Went to the office, and there I thought of Brutus 
even more.  Sniff was awake for a brief time, but went
 back to sleep with his dada.  In the office there is more 
of Brutus than anyone else.  Arvid says that when he 
stops what he's doing he "sees" Brutus there.

Some memories never leave, and Brutus is a part of 
our lives that will forever live on in our hearts.  No matter 
where we are where we live, the first and only picture 
we take to hang on our walls is always Brutus.

Not much planned for the day, but I know it is going 
to be a good day because I will make it a good day. 
 Because every time I stop and think of life I realize
 that no matter what is going on, we have a good life.

 We are healthy, we have a roof above our heads and
 we have each other.  Always thankful and grateful.  I may 
not have everything I want, but I sure have all I need.

I do miss you so very much right now.  Hope you and
 Shadow are playing together over the Rainbow Bridge.
 When 11:11pm shows up your dada always says, "it 
was Brutus' bedtime."  We miss you a lot Brutus.

A good life is when you assume nothing, do more,
 need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot,
 and realize how blessed you are...