Jan 20, 2021

Wednesday January 20th ~

 Taking an image, freezing a moment,
 reveals how rich reality truly is...

I think pictures tell a story all by themselves.  Back in Florida, 
and there is always an opportunity to snag the right picture.

Pictures have a way of brightening up my days.  Some days
 I just look and remember, other days I capture new images,
 which later on I will just look back at and smile.  

Arvid and I went to Galleria Mall yesterday.  Truth 
be told the mall was fairly empty, but what was the most 
amazing sight was the sunset on our way back home.  

Looking forward to life going back to "normal" again. 
 This time of the year we usually have my parents in Florida.
  Also come February we usually have Victoria and Michael
 visiting. This year because of COVID everything is
 up in the air.  Can't wait for things to get better.

There is one thing the photograph must 
contain, the humanity of the moment