Jan 25, 2021

Monday ~ Start Of The New Week

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of 
times if one only remembers to turn on the light...

A trip to the mall.  I was very surprised at what I did not see.

 There is no one around.  I counted the
 amount of people without any great effort.

Many of the stores are now gone.  The Gap,
 a store I have been going to since I can remember
 is no longer in business at The Galleria Mall. 
 Another COVID casualty?  Very sad times.

I was at the mall in the weekend.  During what is 
supposed to be a "busy" time.  Didn't look busy at all. 
 It actually looked sad to see it so empty.

The most people were by The Apple Store, and it
 was nothing compared to what it used to be.  I really 
wanted to buy something, and I truly looked, but there 
was absolutely nothing I liked.  But on a good not, I 
ended up with a very good caramel frappuccino.

A new week is onto us again.  
Thirteen days since I last fed my feral kitties.

We did it last week.  We can again do it again
 this week, even better.  Let's be awesome together. 
 Let today be the start of something amazing...