Jan 10, 2021

Making Memories ~

 Capturing the moments of today 
that will wow your hearts tomorrow...

You guessed right.  This is my happy face 😹  We are soon
 back to the Sunshine State and I can't wait to sleep on my 
cozy beds where the sun comes right on me. So warm.

I am preparing myself to leave, but every time I see the 
little feral cats I get sad.  The good thing is that I think 
they are also getting food from others because when
 I feed them they are not actually very hungry.  They 
hardly eat the food these days.  Guess that's good.

Loving everything about Puerto Rico.  The breeze, the
 sound of the waves, the people, the food.  The life we 
have made here.  Looking forward to next time.

We are happy here.  Life here has been relaxing and stress free.

We have loved having my sister, Kimsy and J close by. 
 I enjoyed each and every time we have had together,
 and can't wait for more to come.  Good thing is we 
will also be see them in Florida every so often.

And just like that it's time to go home to Florida.

These are the moments to remember forever...