Jan 10, 2021

Good Times In Puerto Rico ~

Life's best moments usually happen when they are unplanned...

Costa Mia.  Amazing sunsets and it's
 where we always get empanadillas.

Two of our favorite places for good drinks.  El Pescador and El Yate.
 Looking forward to coming back and having the best frozen drinks.

We have been very happy here in Puerto Pico.  Have had the best of times.

Sal Y Pimienta.  Best steak according Arvid.

No matter where you go, the food is always good.

So many good memories we take with us.  So many more to make.

Sniff loved his time in Puerto Rico, but he also loves his lifestyle in Florida.

Who would have thought this little island in the Caribbean 
would have captured our hearts this way.  We lived in the Bahamas, 
we loved it, but I never could have seen myself living there.

The time went by way too fast, but every moment of
 it was well worth it.  We sure look forward to coming
 back to this little piece of paradise we discovered.

Cherish all your happy moments,
 they make a fine cushion for old age....