Jan 16, 2021

Saturday January 16th ~

 Happiness is a hot drink on a cold day...

Temperatures have been on the cooler side since 
we got back to Fort Lauderdale.  Of course I am loving it. 
 Arvid is another story.  Says he loves the constant
 warmth we had in Puerto Rico.  Life happens.

Arvid's biggest dilemma this morning is whether he should 
make us hot chocolate today or tomorrow.  After checking on 
the weather channel (me), he decided tomorrow morning
 will be colder.  Hence, hot chocolate will be tomorrow.

These two love their sleep.  I have already done my morning
 walk, came back home and they were still in bed.  Life is good
 and we are living it to the fullest, COVID or no COVID.

Good morning everyone.  Hope your day is also a good one.

The days are getting colder, have a warm heart...