Jan 27, 2021

Days ~

The best things in life are the people we love,
 the places we have been and the memories 
we have made along the way...

Sniff has finally found his spot in the sunshine again. 
 Yes the sun finally came and Sniff was right there basking
 in it. Where the sun goes, Sniff is never far behind.

A little drive along the beach is always a treat.

An afternoon walk also something we enjoy.

Ending the evening in the hot tub made for a very good day.

Walking we always pass by this cool rental building. 
 What I like about it is the hot tub.  Looking up we
 can see the people enjoying it, smack in the
 middle of downtown Fort Lauderdale.

It's another very beautiful day here in Fort Lauderdale.
 The sun is out and for a "winter" day it is just perfect.
The boats passing by will always keep us busy.

Life is good.  Sometimes we forget...