Jan 18, 2021

Monday January 18th ~

 Things end.  People change. And 
you know what?  Life goes on...

Today is exactly six days since I last fed my feral kitties
 in Puerto Rico.  I really try not to think of them and not worry.
  After all they have survived before I showed up.  That's
 what I tell myself everyday.  It's not helping much. 
I really miss them and my morning walks in PR 😔

The week will be warming up nicely.  Exactly how it
 usually is in South Florida.  So warmer days ahead for us.
  Arvid happy of course.  He does not like the cold one bit.

Yesterday was hot chocolate day. Was very good.  
This week no hot chocolate because will be warmer 😍

Happy start of the new week all.  Yes, I am missing
Puerto Rico.  Felt much safer and happier there. 
but Florida is home and it sure is pretty.

Life is like a road, there are bumps, there are
 cracks, there are road blocks. But the only 
important thing is that it keeps going...