Jan 5, 2021

Tuesday January 5th ~

 Act the way you'd like to be and soon you'll be the way you act...

Yesterday Arvid calls me very early.  I was busy so I
 told him I would call him later.  In a few hours he calls me back, 
but shortly after he got a call and said, "I'll call you shortly."  

So after an hour I call him, and boy was he stressed. 
 That's why I rarely call and wait until he does, because Arvid's
 life is crazy, and I don't always want to be dragged in it.

Plus when Arvid is hungry it sure is not the right time 
to talk to him.  Guess we are all that way when hungry.  He
 did call me back just to say "I'm hungry and super stressed. 
 Life in Florida is way too stressful, and I want to come 
back home to Puerto Rico."  He's home tomorrow 😍

I can already feel all my relaxation heading out
 the door, but what can I say.  Arvid is one of a kind and
 we are a tea as he always likes to say.  Yeah.  can't wait 
for him to come home to us. Stressful or not.

It is still very windy.  I have the doors open.  I tried to
 get Sniff out, but as soon as the wind blows he takes off. 
 He's not the bravest kitty, even if he is a real cutie pie.

Cleaning today, for when Arvid comes home who
 knows what we will be doing.  All I know is that we may
 be heading home soon. I need to do a lot back home.

The day started with rain, even so I did go walking 
just because the kitties were waiting for me.  And yes,
 even in the rain they were there in their spots.  

Always first is Shyboy, then Crybaby #2 and last 
but not least was Crybaby #1 who I now named Bowtie 
because of his neck injury.  In between were the newbies. 
 Very good start of my day. Wishing you all the same.

No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart...