Jan 21, 2021

Thursday January 21st ~

 A place where you can see a good view is
 also a place where you can sit and dream...

It's very quiet out on the waterways today. 
 Very peaceful and relaxing.

Since coming back to Florida, I wake up at nights and
 think of Puerto Rico.  I think of my sister, Kimsy, J, the kitties 
and the blue waters.  I miss sitting out on our balcony. 
 It's the most I have ever sat on any balcony.

I really try not to worry about the kitties, but I can't
 help it.  Trying to stay busy, but there is always time for
 my thoughts to wander towards them.  I have no idea
 if they will be around when we go back next.

Life is of course good here at home, but right
 now I feel disconnected with this lifestyle.  I know it's 
temporary, but still I did grow attached to the kitties.  I
 think of Kimsy and I smile.  She asked me, "when are
 you and uncle Arvid coming back?"  Soon I hope😊.

I do some morning walks in the parking garage, and in
 the afternoons Arvid and I go out together.  Love it.  After 
all, it's home. As they say, there's no place like home.

 Hello new day.  Warming up nicely I might add.
  America welcomes it's new 46th President amid a  cascade
 of crises, and first time ever female Vice President.  

Progress is impossible without change, and those who
 cannot change their minds cannot change anything...