Jan 11, 2021

Days Like These ~

No matter what happens in your 
life always face it with a smile... 

This caught my eye the other day at the grocery store. 
 Interesting item, interesting name.  I wonder why?

I Yesterday was one very beautiful day.  It makes 
me terribly sad to know that we will have to leave.  I 
have already started scheduling some doctors appoints. 
 It was time to do it. I put it off as long as I could.

Florida is call and it is home after all, so we will soon have
 to say goodbyes to our time on this beautiful island. 
 I have never been this sad about leaving any place. 
 I have grown so attached to life in Puerto Rico.

In less than five months it became home to Arvid, Sniff and I.

I have finally been able to schedule a few doctor's
 appointments in Florida.  Only problem are the times.  
You have to wait months until the doctor is available,
 so be it.  We live in different times now 😷.

Maybe I could change doctor's, but I really like my 
endocrinologist.  He's old.  Can hardly walk, but his mind is a
 walking encyclopedia. I have tried other endocrinologists,
 none are as thorough as he is.  So that being said, I will 
wait until he can see me.  Hopefully something 
opens up before the end of February.

Life is what happens while you 
are busy making other plans...