Jan 8, 2021

January 7th ~ Life happens

 Sometimes the hardest thing
and the right thing are the same...

And just like that it's time to go back home to 
Florida.  Part of me is looking forward to being back
 home, the other part isn't.  I am very torn.  

I know we need to go back home.  I know there is so much 
I have to do, but I have grown attached to this Island.

I who pride myself on never growing attached to any 
place have grown attached to Puerto Rico more than 
I ever imagine, and because of that I am sad.

Arvid and I have moved from place to place, so often. 
 It never bothered me.  Now it is, on a positive note, I know
 we will be coming back, because we both love Puerto Rico.  
Nirvana and Kimsy live here, and my other kitties also.

The three kitties above are always waiting for me.
I know that had they not been here, leaving would not 
be as difficult for me, but they are 💜, and I have grown
 attached to them.  Very much. makes it more difficult😿.

Still some days to enjoy the beauty of this island, and 
we plan to continue doing so.  Sadly how every time we go
 to a certain place we know it will be the last for this stay, 
but it is also something to look forward to again  

Decisions are the hardest things to make, 
especially when it is a choice between where 
you should be and where you want to be...