Jan 26, 2021

Tuesday January 26th ~

 Go confidently in the direction of your
 dreams, live the life you have imagined...

I started my morning with a little indoor walk
 around the parking lot.  Later this afternoon Arvid
 and I will hopefully go for a longer walk.  It's 
been our routine since we got back home. 

 Truth be told though, I have not been as consistent
 as I was in PR.  In PR my inspiration was the kitties.
  I do miss those mornings.  Looking forward to
 them in the near future.  Hopefully soon.

Yesterday I spent one hour on gold waiting to speak to
 someone at the doctors office in order to get an appointment.  
After a little over an hour the call was disconnected.  Try as I 
may, no one picked up.  Today is another day and another
 chance to hopefully get someone on the line.

Nothing is that easy during COVID times anymore. 
 I finally managed to get hold of someone. One of her questions
 was, "do you have any prosthetics on you right now?" 
 My answer was, "fortunately not right now."

Not exactly sure why the question, but who
 knows these days.  She also asked me if I was currently 
over 300lbs.  The questions kept coming and after a while we 
were laughing together.  I made a phone friend.

Soon time to use the hot tub and pool again.

Today only happens once.  Make it amazing...