Jan 9, 2021

Enjoying Our Last Days In Puerto Rico ~ For Now

 It's all the little moments that make life a BIG adventure...

As I look out of our balcony, this building is across
 from us.  On an island by itself.  The morning glow
 of the sun makes it even prettier to look at.

Arvid was still asleep as I enjoyed the sunrise.  
Too early for him he says.  He's missing out.

Our time here is soon over, but know that we will be back 
makes me smile, I will be enjoying these last few sunrises
 among other things for the "last" time.  For now 😍

Sniff has been enjoying some outdoor time on the balcony
 as well.  He takes quite a long time to walk out, and does not stay 
too long, but while there he love to look out and sniff the air.

Arvid and I have been enjoying walks on the beach. 
We are already looking forward to the day we will be back. 
 Like I have said before, I never get attached to a place. 
 Puerto Rico I have grown attached to. Very much.

Breaking my heart is the thought of "my" feral kitties.

Life happens, and we have to move on.  Never expected it to
 be this difficult.  But they survived without me, therefore
 they will continue to do so.  I tell myself that to make
 me feel better.  Not working.  Not as yet anyway.

Happy day to all.  Remember, live for
 the moments you can't put into words.

What I like about photographs is that they capture a
 moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce...