Jun 4, 2013

Back To Chicago...

You know what they say about Chicago. 

If you don't like the weather, wait fifteen minutes...

It's soon that time of the year again.  Only a few more hours until we are in Chicago, and both Arvid and I are just so ready to get there.  This will be our last year in our condo.  Bittersweet, but we have to do what's best.  Seems like Arvid has had Chicago on his mind for quite some time now.  I love the city and will be sorry to see our condo sold, but it's for the best.

 Chicago has been described as "perhaps the most typically American place in America."
Chicago, where the people are casual, living is carefree and where we have time to just enjoy the city.  Packing my  backpacks and sneakers as we speak.  The only two items  I use just about everyday.  No walking in stiletto heels in the park like we see many girls here in Florida.  No need to pile up the makeup as is the norm here.  Just a relaxed lifestyle and where people are more practical in just about everything. 

We arrive in Chicago a few days before the Chicago Blues festival this year.  
We may not know many of the artists this year, but that will not stop us from having a good time;  all I want is for this year no rain and please don't be as cold as last year.  Two years ago Arvid's brother and girlfriend also visited and we had a ball with them.   It was so cold she had to actually buy some winter clothes and rain gear.  We still had a good time even though I caught a cold.

One thing for sure though, the weather is very unpredictable...
I love Chicago in the summer and Florida in the winters.  The summers in Chicago are humidity free so unlike Florida.  Guess we better enjoy this last summer because as of next year it will be humidity summertime in Florida!  Weather wise Chicago is very much like Norway's summer.  Warm in the days (hopefully) and in the evenings cool and refreshing.   

We hopefully have all four months to enjoy Chicago this summer.  That is unless
Brutus gets sick and we return back earlier than scheduled or maybe if the apartment sells.  
Hopefully Brutus will be good and we can have a great time in Chicago.
As usual we are excited to be going.  This year I am a bit more concerned, but 
still looking forward to being there.

In Chicago we are always out and about, walking all around the city. 
 We can already begin to feel the excitement of experiencing city life all over again.  
Next blog will be from Chicago!
Whoever said,
"I adore Chicago. It is the pulse of America" got it right.

But when I go to Chicago, I know I'm home..

I miss everything about Chicago, except January and February...