Jun 6, 2013

Decisions, Decisions...

In the end we only regret the chances we did not take,
the relationships we were afraid to have
and the decisions we waited too long to make...

I'm sitting here thinking about what we will do about Brutus and how sad
 it makes us to even have to consider the thought of going through with an amputation on him.  
My heart breaks and the tears just flow freely.

We look at him and we see this healthy little kitty in every other way and
all we can say is, "why him"?  After a few moments of feeling
sorry for everything happening to him, Arvid and I always come to the conclusion that
no matter what, we want Brutus with us for a very long time and will
do whatever it takes to make him healthy again.

If this means we have to amputate on of his limbs
then that is what we will do.  I have read quite a lot on this 
subject, and I know he will still be able to have fun and best of all he will
have a full and healthy life.

Yes, we will do what's best for him, even if it breaks our hearts.
Yesterday was our first day in Chicago.  Already Brutus has been
evaluated by two different doctors who have given us something
to think about, even if they have not seen anything like what
he has before.  Brutus was really good through all of this, but totally
exhausted and stressed by the end of the day as were we.  That being said,
what better way to relax than by going to the hot tub.  It is extremely cold here
in Chicago and gloomy looking since we arrived :(

As you can see, Arvid is already zoned out.
New day and lots to do.  I want to say that Brutus' paw looks a little better,
but still have to decide what we will be doing with him....

Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it...