Jun 24, 2013

Medicine Time...

I only worry so much because I care for you.
Difficult does not mean impossible, it simply means you have to work hard...

For the next three months Brutus has to be give medication orally.
  For those of you who have a cat or a difficult pet,
you will know that this is close to being impossible.

We started his treatment on Saturday.  This is Brutus all wrapped tightly in a towel.
Arvid holding him down and then I am the one who dispenses two syringes
 with medicines into him.  Yeah, did I mention he has to take two different 
antibiotics?  Not a happy moment, not for him not for us.  Yesterday Arvid ended 
up getting one of his fingers scraped.  Looked a little worse than
it actually was.  Lots of blood.
A few hours after we gave Brutus his medicines Arvid says to me, 
"you know I don't want Brutus to be mad at me.  
We have a really good bond and I do not want him to view
me as the enemy".  Conclusion: I will give Brutus his 
medicines alone.  This is actually OK with me because I think
I can manage better.  Use my body weight to hold him down then
squirt the medication in.  Let's hope it works good!

Arvid will prepare the dosage so in this way
as Arvid puts it, at least Brutus will not hate both of us.
Makes sense.  I think this got Arvid very concerned that Brutus will
no longer like him and as Arvid says, "Brutus may no longer want me as his Guardian".

What can I say the man has a big heart and Brutus and I are
the recipient of it.  Yes, we LOVE you also!

Wishing you all a good start of the work week!

Everyone needs someone to make them feel that tomorrow is not just another day...