Jun 5, 2013

We Made It...

Home is an invention which no one has yet improved.
Home is any four walls that enclose the right person...

Greetings from Chicago!
Yes, we are back!

The apartment looks really good even though it was closed up for 8 months. 
 Pretty soon Arvid and I will be enjoying the balcony and the views 
while Brutus sleeps like the baby he is. 

 Some of the best moments we have here are spent just sitting on the 
balcony and enjoying the view.  Yes, I am going to miss Chicago very much.

Arvid uses this balcony more than any other balcony we have had.  He loves to sit and just watch the boats and not be bothered with phones, laptop or any other distraction.  He enjoys having Brutus watch him from inside and falling asleep next to him.  

One of the things we really enjoy here is the pool and hot tub. 
 Even though we live in Florida, we have used the pool and hot tub more in Chicago.  
Looking forward to this very much. 

Yes, it's good to be back.
Walks in the park, Danielle, music, good food and always happy times.  
We are in Chicago.  We are home if only for a few months.

Let the good times roll..