Jun 30, 2013

Days Like This...

You can't let one bad moment spoil a bunch of 
good ones....

These last few days I have not really been at my best.  There have been days
that even I would say that I have been difficult and almost impossible
to talk to.  If I were Arvid, I would probably not have spoken to me.

Being Arvid he just let me have those days and tried to always do something to make 
me laugh.  He even went to the bakery and bought me a few chocolate 
truffles just so I could smile and be happy.  
He knows I love chocolate.

All good now.  I guess I have been worried about Brutus and also
about my sisters doggie in addition to this being our last
summer in Chicago.  Many things going on all at the 
same time.  There are days I want to leave right away
an then I want to wait it out.  Arvid looks at me and says,
"You are my cat from hell" and I love him.  
Sometimes even I forget that some days are just going to be a struggle,
 deal with it and move on forward.

Last night as the fireworks were going on he came to bed 
with Brutus and just stayed there talking to him until it 
was over. I look at him and I fall in love again.

Sunday as usual we go out for lunch.  Hopefully the day will be 
beautiful and we can go to one of our favorite outdoors places.
A few calls to family, Arvid making his
hot chocolate breakfast special, and it's a start of a good day.

To all have a good day and remember,
if you wait for the perfect conditions,  you will never get anything done.

A good life is a collection of happy moments...