Jun 21, 2013

Selling, Selling, Sold...

It's time to move on...

I am OK with it, but then I am not.  Selling our apartment in Chicago that is.
We talked about it, we decided on it and we did it.  It is the 
right decision, but does not mean I don't feel a little sad. 

Arvid and I have made moving part of our lives.
We have lived in so many places, I have lost count.
Moving from Las Olas was easy, though a beautiful apartment
I was not really attached to it.  I felt for Brutus mainly.  He loved his view there.

We had (still have) as second home in the Bahamas.  We were going there almost every month.
It was the perfect getaway until it became a little
too much for Brutus to handle.  As far as I am concerned
once Brutus is unhappy it's time to move.  We still love 
the island and still visit on a yearly basis.

Through the years we have learned that it sure is great to have a second home, at the same 
time we came to realize that it becomes expensive to maintain, difficult to use
it as much as we want and what was one day a pleasure was soon becoming a responsibility.

Chicago is one of the most beautiful cites I have lived in.
Already planning when to leave and what to take.
The good thing is we have at least until August
to enjoy Chicago.  You will be seeing many posts
regarding this topic, for you see both Arvid and I
love this city, but we also know we made the right decision.

Arvid realizes that this is a little sad for me.
He asked me if I would like to take a trip
to Mexico, where we also have another place, but I said not
this time.  So instead we will take a trip to my parents'
where my sister and kids will also be...

Moving on, it's soon to be a chapter in the past,
but don't close the door
just turn the page....