Jun 2, 2013

Moments In Time...

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment 
until it becomes a memory...

I guess you can say we are in for the rainy season already.  Yesterday Arvid and I had a little road trip.
 Just a few hours drive from home.  From the moment we started until we returned,
 the sky was dark and the rain did not seem to want to stop.  
Even so, we were having a good time together.  

As Arvid drove, I managed to get a few pictures.  This always seem to annoy him 
because he says it's very distracting to hear click click all the time. 
 Me I was enjoying myself and as usual was trying not to pay attention.  

Driving was hazardous so when it was my turn to drive, 
Arvid made sure all my gadgets were far from my reach.  
It's not as if I text and drive it's just that Arvid is just too much sometimes :) 

When we got to our destination the rain miraculously cleared.  
We viewed that as a good sign and decided that it was
 time to take some time and explore our surrounding, 
enjoy a good meal and have a little fun time. 
 Of course it was time to take a few pictures.

On our way back home, more rain.  
Seems like it has decided to stick around for a while.
All Arvid kept thinking of was Brutus.  
He said, "let's hurry home now because soon we might have
thunder and lightning.  This will really scare the boysie". 
 I was driving so of course I sped up even more that the speed limit. 
 As usual when we open the door, the first thing we see is that cute little face.

This is our last Sunday for a while in Florida (hopefully).  
As usual Sundays mean we go out for a nice lunch and outing.
Hopefully the weather hold and we can make it to our favorite spot...

Whatever your day holds, have a fun time. 
 Enjoy and Cheers!!!

We do not remember days
we remember moments...