Jun 22, 2013

Fun Days...

Some of the best times is travelling around the world
with the one you love...

Here in Chicago the last thing one needs is a car in the city.  We of course do not own one here, but every so often it is nice to rent one and just go places.  Today is one of those days and exploring we will go, so much to see in this city.  Maybe the zoo would be nice :)
Last year as shown we checked cars.  This year maybe more of the other areas can be fun.

Both Arvid and I get so excited just by the thought of driving.  That is something after a few weeks we miss.  Just jumping in the car and going wherever we like.  So far the urge is not that great, but Arvid saw a few things that caught his attention so now we must go and look.  At the same time we also take the opportunity to stock up on some of the heavier items we may need. 
 Litter for Brutus being one of those.

The weather here has been very iffy.  One day it's sunny, next day it is thunder, dark skies, fog.  Strange.  Yesterday was a stormy day.  Just the right kind of day to relax and enjoy the hot tub.

Earlier in the day I was at Macy's, my favorite store in Chicago.  It is after all 12 floors, so  
I only managed to visit one level.  On my way home there were several Mobile Blackhawks Stores.
Yeah, a van selling Blackhawk gear.  I have been looking for 
the right tee-shirt and what do yo know, I found it right there!
  There was also the mobile van offering Spa's for pets.  Maybe it's time
for Brutus to have a pet spa day soon.  Not sure how he would handle that one.

Well time to start our day on the road.  Today Brutus also begins his treatment.  Hopefully in three to four months he will be better.  Another good reason to rent a car.  We can now go pick up his medication.

Wishing you all a good Saturday...

When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead...