Jun 7, 2013

Musical Weekend Begins...

Music gives soul to the Universe,
wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination, 
and Life to everything else...

Arvid and I have been going to Chicago every year since 2006.
What made us buy an apartment in Chicago was the music.

Here we are at our fist Blues Festival in Chicago.  Once we experience the city
we knew we had to come back every year for the summer.

This will be the last year we will be living in Chicago.  It has been one of the best 
experiences in our lives.  I have lived in many cites, including New York, California and 
Fort Lauderdale.

I love Chicago best.  Were it not for the weather I would love to live there.
I have to say since we have been here it has been unusually COLD!
Chicago has similar weather as Norway.  You never can tell when it 
will suddenly get cold, even so I love the summers here.

Soon time to go and enjoy the music.  I can already hear Arvid
pacing around waiting for the weather to warm up.
  He's always ready for some Blues...

Actually last night we had a little taste of it.

One good thing about music, 
when it hits you, you feel no pain...