Jun 18, 2013


I am strong because I know my weaknesses. I am wise because I've been foolish.
 I give in because I've tasted loneliness I smile because I've known sadness... 

I come from a family of strong, determined and capable women. 
 Our role model is our mother.  My very first memory of her and, 
I see a woman who never complained, who no matter what life threw at her,
 she was always ready to receive the challenge, and challenge it was.

From a very young girl I always knew it was my moms strength that held us grounded.  
My mom did not have an easy life, but she never let it show. 
 She was always there for us and always there when we needed her.

I thought that life was a harsh at times for me.  I thought it was unusually difficult at times,
 but even so I managed to pull trough and to face another day.  
Today even with difficulties I know I have a good life 
and I know that I can face whatever it throws my way.
  Arvid, Brutus and I will and can do it.  
Yes, I thought of me as brave.

I have four sisters.  As with everyone they also face challenges daily. 
 More so because they have kids and I know that being a parent is not the easiest thing in the world.  Nothing is predictable and when you least expect it life throws you a curve ball.

Seeing the way my sisters handle life makes me admire them everyday more and more. Not having kids is like living on easy street.  My nieces and nephews age ranges from 5 to 20.  Not easy judging by what I hear.  The stories my sisters tell are enough to make me a nervous wreck, but like parents they handle every crisis in stride and most times never let it overwhelm them.

Yes, they are the brave and courageous ones.  The ones with the strength.
The ones who daily face the unexpected and are always there when their child needs comfort,
love or just someone to listen and not judge.   Being a parent is not always easy.
I watch and learn from them and from my friends with kids,
but I also know that the rewards are one of a kind.
I know they would not have it any other way,
 but boy does it always have to be so challenging?

To all the parents out there who make it seem so easy, you are every child's hero.

As a girl I am weak, as a woman I am strong, 
and determined to never bow my head to wrong...