Sep 2, 2016

A Pets Ten Commandments~

Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, those quiet friends,
is that they carry away with them so many years of our lives...

For most of us, today is just a regular Friday.  No worries just make it though the day 
and enjoy the long Labor Day weekend. For a family in Vermont the clock is 
ticking away.  Yes for my sister Mala, and family it is probably one of the
 saddest days.  In just a few hours they will put their Jax to sleep.  
The clock is ticking and there is nothing to stop what's coming.

Every so often I re-post this article. Today I would like to do the same again.  It is the
 exact post, and things have changed.  Our Brutus has died.  Then came Shadow.  Now
 Jax is dying and I hope that this helps my sister and her family through some of the
 heartache they face and the road that lies ahead.  It's not easy and I will be the first
 to say so. I don't know the words, but I know what goes on in the heart.

Animals/pets are a big part of our lives.  Not only do they bring joy and 
laughter into it, but they also bring companionship.  Jax was born in Florida.
  He spent less than a year there before moving to Vermont.  In Florida he 
swan in their pool at home.  He was happy and loved until the end.

But the best times of his life were spent in Vermont and he loved swimming and 
playing in the little lake behind his home.  I loved watching him whenever I visited.

For all of us that are lucky to have a pet you will relate to these Ten Commandments.  
For those that don't, I believe you will also be able to understand the bond 
a pet owner and their pets share.  Jax's life comes to an end today.

Cancer has taken over his body.  He had almost 7 years of pure happiness.  
He leaves a family destroyed and with a heartache that hopefully time will ease.

In less than a year I have had to deal with the death of Brutus and Shadow. 
Now Jaxen.  I will tell you it is rough and my heartache was never far, but
 now it's fresh all over again.  If I could take away the pain my sister, her husband, 
Reshma and Sachin are living, I would.  They are heartbroken. Jax's 7th birthday
 would have been on November 23rd.  He did not live long enough to see it.

That they leave such a vacuum in our lives I'm sure only one who has a pet and 
has lost their pet will understand.  It is never the same again.  Yes we will move on.
  Some faster than others, others like me, well let's just say that hopefully one day
 the heartache will be less.  My heart is grieving for my sister and family.

Everyone knows that a house is not the same without a pet.  The emptiness that
 they leave in our lives is unimaginable.  I know because it lives with me everyday.

I don't believe in this "Rainbow Bridge"...  But if there is any such thing then I hope 
Brutus, Shadow, Buddy, my other kitties and Jax are together.  Keeping each
 other company and playing together.  It's a happy thought.  Really wished it
 brought me comfort.  For some it does for others it's empty words.

Yesterday was Jax's last day at his home.  After today there will be no more Jax.
The only ones who will understand are those that have lost a pet.  Not only
 are they pets, but they become part of our family.  

Sachin said to me, "why does my brother have to die?"  How do I answer
 this question???  Yes, part of life is loss, but who ever imagined that it 
would be this hard?  This heart wrenching?  This painful.

How do you say goodbye to someone you love.  Jax is one of the family.  How do 
you say goodbye?  He will no longer be hurting, but he will leave a family hurting.
I have not and still can't say goodbye too Brutus.  Too final.  One day maybe.

I wish I were there with Mala and family right now.  Mala, Gopaul, Reshma 
and Sachin I really know how you are feeling.  There is nothing that I can say or do
that will make this any easier.  All I know is that they say time does wonders.  For all our sakes 
I can only hope so.  Sachin, you will never forget Jax.  Like you told me he is your brother.

Their hearts are breaking and for them and for what is coming my heart is broken as 
well. Part of it also relives Brutus' death.  God how I miss him.  How this hurts.
You know they say, heartbreak is life educating us.  I'd rather not be this educated.

My four legged friend of fur and paws from whom I had to part. My loyal kind,
 and loving friend left PAW PRINTS on my heart.  The bond with a 
dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can be...