Sep 30, 2016

Final Days...

Even when it is cold outside our memories keep us warm.
My mind wanders and I get lost in thoughts of you...

Yesterday was the start of cold,wet and windy weather coming to Chicago. 
 Even so,  I still went out for a little outing and to look for foodies for sniff.  His
 food is not easy to find in regular grocery stores so in the rain and wind I set
 out to several different stores in search of his soft foodies, of course 
I did not come home without foodies for him. Not a chance.

The fact that I was wet was no big deal.  Here in Chicago when the wind picks up,
 and it's raining at the same time and umbrella is pretty much useless.  I tried but
 mine blew away.  I did not really care because I love rain and I took many 
pictures; at the same time it also made for a good cozy evening at home.

Arvid and I have already started to pack.  Yesterday Arvid bought Sniff's ticket.
The ticket agent asked a few questions about Sniff.  First was, "how old is he?"  
Second, "how much does he weigh?" and finally, "what's his date of birth?"

Little Sniff is already racking up frequent flyer miles as my mom used to say
 about Brutus.  Arvid gave me the keys to our Florida home to put in my handbag.  
The first thing I said without even thinking was, "I can't wait to open the door and see 
Brutus' face."  It was always with a great joy Arvid and I would go home to Brutus
 and the first thing we did was pick him up.  I miss him very much.

I am really excited to see how Sniff is inn Florida.  More space for him to run
around and to stay busy.  From the day we got him to today, he has gone
 through quite a lot of changes.  He is finally snuggling up to us.  Sleeping
 close to us and on us at times.  He plays a lot something he never did
when we first got him.  Yes, little Sniff is growing up fast.

Still a little time to go around the city.  Enjoy a few of our favorite before we leave.
I will definitely miss this city one day, but for now I am looking forward to being home.
  Home where Brutus filled every space, every corner and where Shadow also graced
 us with his cuteness and uniqueness.  Home where we will now go with Sniff.

To all a very good day.  Never forget if you want to be happy, be.

There is sunshine in my soul today.
Happiness is not out there, it's in you...