Sep 23, 2016

And So The Weekend Begins...

Nothing in the world is more expensive than the woman who is free for the weekend...

For many it's the day we wait for all week long.  Seems that when Friday is here it
 makes people feel more relaxed.  Tempers soften and attitudes become more relaxed. 
 Yes, Friday is a day when we let loose, we loosen up and get ready for a few days
 of pure relaxation and we forget about work and stressful situations.

Though I am not a drinker it seems like on Fridays I occasionally look forward to
either a Pina Colada or as of recently a Margarita.  Mojitos are also good, but
since I only do one I like a frozen drink with the whole umbrella thing.
 Seems appropriate, being that it's still summertime and all.

What I like best about the Margarita is the salt.  Yummiest part for me.  This 
weekend we do not have definite weekend plans.  We will just decide and then 
we head out.  That to me is the fun of it.  Not knowing exactly what is
 going to happen, but knowing something will definitely happen. 

Our time in Chicago it's nearing it's end.  All of a sudden I feel a little nostalgic.
Both Arvid and I will definitely miss this beautiful city we call home for 4 months every 
year.  As you all know I am OK with going back to Florida now.  This has not been 
the best year for me, I am sure next year will be better.  We do so love this city.

 Have a great day everyone and remember whatever you do do it in
 a grand scale.  Life is one so enjoy it to the fullest!  Arvid and I have been having
 a good time.  No matter what, where, or who we always make the most of our days.  

That moment when you wake up with a hang over and say i'm not 
drinking anymore…until the following weekend approaches...