Sep 16, 2016

Road Trip To Home...

Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a Pauper...

Nothing like a good breakfast to start your day. Today it's "healthy" stuff. The pancakes
 are made of nuts and whole wheat after all, and I loved it.  Arvid is not a pancake 
person neither am I, but every once in a while, why not live on the edge? 
 As many calories as my meal contained, it was as delicious!

Now I'm ready for the long drive back home to Chicago and to Sniff who is patiently
 (I hope) awaiting us.  He is always so spoilt when we are away, of course we also spoil 
him all the time.  His pet sitters , 11 year old Ana and her mom visit him quite often
 and send videos of him playing and running all the time.  He is a happy boy.

We have has a successful trade meeting in Branson, Missouri.  I was with Arvid during some 
of the time, but mostly I took the time to do some things on my own.  Was missing that
 very much.  Just went into the car and drove.  Somehow those drives always
 took me to shopping areas.  Not complaining I like shopping, but now 
I'm ready to go home.  First back to Chicago and to Sniff and
 then to Florida.  Not that much more before we leave.

Back o the road we are today.  Heading home to Sniff and hopefully we will stay 
put in one place until we get to Florida.  Never thought I would say this, but 
right now if I don't go anyplace but home I will be a happy person.

Happy Friday everyone.  I can never stop saying that it is the simple things in life that makes 
one the happiest.  For me right now it is going home.  Home where Brutus and Shadow
 used to run around all the time.  Home where Brutus has left his footprints 
everywhere.  Home where now Sniff will continue to do the same.

Goodbye St. Louis, Missouri, we are on our way to Home Sweet Home Chicago.

Home is where I can look and feel ugly and enjoy it.
Friends, make today ridiculously amazing.  It's Friday after all...