Sep 18, 2016


It is amazing how quickly your mood can change, how deep your 
heart can sink and how much a thought/image can affect you...

I am ready for some cooler temperatures, but somehow Chicago seems to be 
having a prolonged summer. Everyone is happy.  Me too, but would really 
like to have a little bit of that fall feeling before we go back to Florida.

I thought that living in Chicago I would need more warm clothes than I do in  Florida, 
but the opposite is true. Here because we walk to almost everywhere I find that I need much
 lighter clothing here than in Florida. In Florida we drive to almost everywhere so you're
 stepping out from one air conditioned place to another. Bottom line I need more sweaters in 
Florida than here in Chicago. Weird. In Florida when you go to restaurants and you
 sit inside, you freeze. Here the temperatures are more moderate and I
 rarely need a sweater.  Sounds strange but that's how it is.

Arvid has made his calls to family already.  Now he is setting up to watch soccer
 matches. As he said there are quite a few games on today.  Sometimes even
 Sniff gets in the mood or more like in the way, but it's always very cute.

I'm not sure what happened, but suddenly I am having the Blues.  I feel sad and there is
nothing I can pinpoint to having caused it.  It comes and goes this missing Brutus.
 Right now is not the best moment I'm having.  I was chatting with my sister and she
 is missing her Jax a lot as well.  Grief over losing a pet.  It's not so easy.

Some days are just a little harder that others.  Somehow today seems to be one
 of those days.  I know it can only get better.  That day will come for Mala and I.

It's a beautiful day here in Chicago as you can see from where I am sitting.
There is really nothing to complain about.  I'm not.  I'm just ready to back to Florida.

To all a very good day.  May it be filled with sunshine, love and laughter.

Be strong because it will get better.
It may be stormy now, but it can't rain forever...