Sep 25, 2016


Make some time for yourself today to relax, reflect and revive your spirit...

Hello Sunday.  Hello cooler temperatures.  I am loving it very much.
One more weekend here before we go back to Florida.  Happy and weirdly a bit 
nostalgic, but yes looking forward to going home and making Sniff happy there as well.

In Florida I am looking forward to taking my walk  down to the beach.  Listening 
to the waves and just having a little alone time.  Relaxing and for those moments peaceful.  
Yes, I am looking forward to going home, but for now we will enjoy the time here.

Chicago life does have beautiful moments and gorgeous scenery.  One of 
our favorite times are the walk we have by the park and the lake.  Always something
 interesting happening.  Yes, the city definitely has something for everyone.

We have a pretty full day ahead of us.  Best to get an early start.  
To all a very good day and may you always live in interesting times.

Happy Sunday to all of you.  Remember to take some time for you and get a new 
perspective on life,let yourself relax and enjoy each and every moment as it comes your way.

Take a deep breath and just enjoy your life.
Relax it's your time.  Soak your troubles away...