Sep 8, 2016

Life.. We Learn As We Go...

Never tell your problems to anyone.  20% don't care and the other 
80% are glad you have them.  A private life is a happy life...

I realized something just a few days ago.  It was rough, maybe even a little mean spirited.
 but bottom line it is the truth.  No one wants to hear that you are grieving it that you
 are hurting or not doing so good. Not because people do not care but because
 it makes them uncomfortable.  I did not understand  this but now I do. As
you can see below, it was put into perspective from two different people.

  I am one to bear my soul, but maybe that is not so great.  People are more at ease 
thinking that everything is good.  It's like when you meet someone. They ask "you how are
you?"  Typical answer is "I'm fine and you?"  No one expects you to tell them otherwise. 

If you do then they are at a loss for words. They feel uncomfortable and they stop
 making eye contact.  I know this because one did i did just that I told exactly 
how I felt.  I felt sorry for the person because suddenly they were quiet
 and wished I would disappear.  Can't blame them.  Life did not prepare 
them on how to deal with a person who was not "all right."

Yesterday was a pretty good day even though we had some dark stormy weather.
 It rained and it thundered, but Arvid and I seized the opportunity to go to the
 movies and at the same time to experience a place called Latinicity.

Latinicity is a unique type of dining experience.  You go there and as you enter you are
given a card.  With this card you go to all the food stations, and yes there are many.
As you order what you want they just swipe your card and add to the food purchase.

Here you can enjoy combining selections from 10 innovative kitchens, tapas restaurant,
 coffee cafe and a fully stocked bar.  As I said you get what you want, swipe
 your card, find a cozy place to sit, enjoy the city view and as you leave
you give them your card.  They swipe it and then we pay.  Pretty
cool way to experience so many things in the same place.

After eating it was nice to go to the movies, which we did.  Everything is located in the
same building together with a few chosen retail stores.  It was still raining on the outside
so made for a very good outing.  By the time the movie was over the weather was nice
 and almost sunny again.  Once home Sniff was patiently waiting for his foodies.

Wishing you all a very good day.  Today started good we Skyped with Michelle
 and the girls.  After that is was laundry and of course Arvid always doing
something in the apartment.  Today was more painting.  Still some to go.

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.
It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live...