Sep 17, 2016


Begin each day with a grateful heart.
Slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life...

It's been a few busy days away from home, but we finally made it
back to Sniff, and to the comfort of our own bed.  That is one 
of the best feelings in the whole world.  Being home. 

Sniff was super happy to see us.  He cuddled with both Arvid and I all night long.  
He had lots of brushing and was played with me for quite some time. 
 He was so exhausted he just fell asleep on us at different times.

Missouri was a good time.  Arvid as usual did a few trades.  He's still smiling and 
so am I for that matter.  On my own I did quite a few things, but one of the most enjoyable
 was going to the Zoo.  There I petted the animals and I even fed bottle fed a camel.  
I have always loved zoo's and going there on my own I was able to 
take my time and enjoy the animals and all their little quirks.

I loved my zoo experience, but it also made me wonder about what it must feel for
 these animals to be caged up.  For instance the Tiger was just restless, there
was a lynx that just kept pacing around in its tiny enclosure.  The lion just
sat staring into space.  For a moment I felt like opening their cages
 and setting them free to roam in the wild where they belong.

After the meeting we went to St. Louis for the Blues Cruise along the Mississippi River.  
That in itself was a very enjoyable and pleasant experience.  The musician a 23 year 
old from St. Louis saw Arvid and said, "I remember you from so and so place."  

Yes we have been "following" his music around in quite a few places.  The crowd 
was lively and extremely happy.  They made the evening even more enjoyable.

 Hearing laughter and people genuinely loving the music puts one in an even better mood. 
 Let's just say the evening went on for a while and by the time we got to the hotel 
both Arvid and I were quite tired and we fell asleep very easily that night.

Being on the road right now does not hold as much of an attraction for me as it did before. 
 I feel better being at home.  Since my Brutus died many things have changed.  At
 least for me.  There is a part of me that died as well.  I miss that kitty everyday.
  I love Sniff and I can't wait to bring Shadow home, but my heart was
 ripped open when I lost my Brutus.  One day it will be better.

On our road trip to Missouri and back home to Chicago Arvid and I had the pleasure 
of driving on some of Route 66.  I love pictures of signs so of course tried 
to take  as many as I could.  I also liked the little diners along the
 road, and the many antique shops.  Pretty interesting road.

Saturday, having my coffee at home with Sniff ...priceless.

It has been a busy day, but that's OK.  We're home and there is nothing better than that.
Hope your day has been a good one so far.. To all a very good and enjoyable weekend.

Life brings simple pleasures to us everyday.  It is us to us to make them 
wonderful memories.  Think big thoughts, but relish simple pleasures...