Sep 6, 2016


Just smile and say you are fine, because nobody really cares...

Chicago living is fun, at least in the summertime.   Now I soon look forward
 to going home. There is so much to do here.  There is not time to be bored, even so,
 I want to go home.  I want to bring Shadow home.  Liliana has his ashes
 and somehow it's been pressing on my mind now for quite some time.

 I want to see the familiar surroundings where Brutus ran around, and I want Sniff to 
get used to his home as well.  So far Sniff has lived longer in Chicago than he has in 
Florida.  We have lots more space in Florida and I want to be able to wake up in 
the mornings and not just lay in bed.  Yes, I am ready to go home.

We keep ourselves busy no matter where ever are.  Arvid continues to do his trades,
we have even gone to a trade meeting, he has met a few people here who are also 
interested in trade, so for him it's business as usual.  For me it's a little different. 
At least this year it is.  My frame of mind is not the best and I have days 
that I really don't wish on anyone.  Unfortunately as I mentioned,
 my sister and family are having those kinda days as well.

Life as we know is not perfect.  It just throws everything at you and it's up to us 
to do the best we can.  Some days I manage to do just that other days I have 
some setbacks, but it is what it is and hopefully time will be my 
friend in this journey and I hope it will be my sisters as well.

Our walks as usual is something we do all the time.  We have also been to the
 Jazz Festival here in the park and when we come home we can also hear the music
 and see it from our balcony.  We are truly very fortunate to be where we 
are in Chicago.  In the center of everything.  Yet I wish to go home.  

This has not been a good year for me.  I'm not ungrateful.  I know many
 have it so much worse, but you know when it boils down to the nitty gritty, 
at the end of the day it's ones own circumstances that takes priority, and the
 truth when being told no one really cares what the other person is going
through, but that person.  Maybe one day I will learn to care less.

For now wishing you all peaceful times and happy days.

Fake a smile.  Don't let them know your're hurting.  They don't care anyways.
Just because her eyes don't tear doesn't mean her heart don't cry, and just
 because she comes out strong doesn't mean there's nothing wrong...