Sep 20, 2016

Chicago Life...

A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less,
smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are...

Life in Chicago is very good.  We have beautiful weather, a spectacular view 
and a city that offers us any and everything we could ever want, yet I 
am counting down the days until we go home to Florida.  

I have friends from NYC visiting right now, and they are staying in the Keys.  
Though they like it very much they told me that Florida was not for them. 
 According to the husband, "After a shower and feeling fresh I come 
outside for 5 min and I'm sweating like a pig. Oink"  

Yes, summers in Florida are definitely humid and not the place we want to be in.
  That's why we stay in Chicago, even so this year I am ready to cope with humidity.
Weather wise we could not ask for more beautiful days than what we are having.  The skies 
are blue, the air is fresh and the sun is shining and right now there is no humidity.

Arvid and I continue to do all the things that we enjoy.  We take long walks.  We 
feed the ducks.  Every so often we stop out and have a little drink.  I like the frozen ones,
 and there are many places along our walks where we can find something we both enjoy. 
 We enjoy eating out and we enjoy the music scene.  We use the pool and the hot tub
 every so often and makes for very good times.  Sniff is always happy as well.  

Everyday we have beautiful views.  The sunsets are spectacular and it's definitely a 
favorite of mine; everyday.  I wait for the right moment and the right picture.

Sniff is comfortable and happy with us.  When we travel he losses his fur on his back. 
 Since we came back from Norway he was getting a bald spot.  The exact spot Brutus
 also lost hair.  How strange.  Now that we are home, his hair is growing back.

There is a lot to sample and a lot to do.  Why not???

Picture taking is a hobby of mine.  Just about everything and anything.
Last night I had fruit loops for dinner.  I think I enjoyed taking the
 pictures as much as I enjoyed eating that sugary treat.

When Brutus was alive there was not a day that went by that I did not take pictures of him,
 and with him.  For that I am so grateful, because I have thousands and thousands of 
pictures of him.  Shadow was so little, he did no like to be held for long so I do 
not have many of him and I, but even so I still have thousands with him.  
Now it's Sniff's turn..and yes I take pictures of him everyday.  

Good morning everyone.  Hope it's a good one.
Remember, life isn't perfect, but it has perfect moments.

Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they 
never found it, but because they did not stop to enjoy it...