Sep 11, 2016


Don't judge my choices without understanding my reasons.  Happy Sunday.  
Smile more than you cry, give more than you take, love more than you hate...

And so begins another Sunday.  Mornings are soccer and in between Arvid 
calls his family.  A good way to start a relaxing day.  sniff as you can see always
 knows how to make himself comfortable.  He excels in it.

Yesterday started out rather gloomy. Stayed that way for most of the day, but suddenly 
the sky started to clear up and the gloominess disappeared.  Arvid and I spent 
most of the day indoors. He watched TV I did little of this little of that, 
Sniff played, ate and slept and before you knew it it was already 5pm. 
We decided it was a good day to go and listen to some music.  Two of our favorite venues 
in Chicago are Buddy Guys Legends and House of Blues. Last night we choose
Buddy Guys.  Not only is the music good but the menu is not bad either.

We walked from home to the club, a good half hour walk each way.  On our way to 
the club we walked through the park. We saw several weddings taking place and 
there were hundreds of people all dressed up for different functions going in.  

This happens every weekend, it's just always amazes us to see everything that happens
 in the city. No wonder we are so enchanted by it.  I love to take pictures as we walk. Arvid
 likes to rush it to get to our destination.  Many a times I fall behind that's why I only get 
the back of him in pictures.  I tell him that it's OK to slow down and take it all in.  
The music was good. The food and drinks as well.  We met a couple from Miami
 and before you knew it the lady and I were chatting away like old friends.  

Today not so sure where we will be going to have our Sunday dinner.  All depends 
on the weather, which is looking amazing right now.  Thank goodness the weather
 people make mistakes, because if they were right it would be raining right now. 

I love this city very much.  Usually when we have to leave I get a little sentimental, 
but this year I am ready to go home. I'm very ready.  Home where I see many familiar things
 that Brutus loved.  Home where little Shadow is waiting for me to bring him.  
Home where Sniff can run around as much as he likes without skidding
 into something.  Yeah. I want to see Sniff in his Florida home.

To all a very good Sunday.  By the way, please friends when you post pictures 
in FB please don't tag me.  It's enough that when I open my page I see hundreds
 of pictures of your vacation or what it is you are eating or drinking.

 Really your business is your own and if you prefer to share it with the rest of the world
 so be it.  it's your right, but please stop sending me links on messenger to view your albums. 
 Makes it more tempting everyday to want to delete my FB account, but there is also many
 things I like about it.  Mainly family, unfortunately my sisters hardly post anymore.

Happy Sunday to all.  Remember sometimes it is good to not let the entire world
 know your every move and your every step.  Took me some time to realize it.
Remember do not them the privilege of knowing everything about you.

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced...