Sep 21, 2016

To All A Good Day...

Life is good. Small things make me smile; good people make me laugh; 
and Arvid and Sniff fill my days with happiness.  Yes, life is good...

Sniff is becoming more and more used to me picking him up.  I do it everyday several times.
  When we got him in March, he hated being picked up even for a few seconds, but the
 same we did with Brutus I wanted to do with Sniff and it is finally paying off.  
Granted he is not as happy to being held for long, but everyday I am sure it 
will get better.  Both Arvid and I miss the routines  (among other things) we
 had with Brutus. We miss carrying him around whenever we wanted.  

Yesterday I went to breakfast with my friend, who also happens to be one of
 the sitters for Sniff.  The conversation centered on Sniff.  She and her daughter adore
 him and they think that Sniff  is just so very smart and so human.  Now how can I 
disagree with this?  Because of Sniff they will probably be getting their own Kitty.

It was another very beautiful day here in Chicago.  Arvid did some work in the
 apartment, more painting and then we had a little outing.  Amazing weather right now.
I know when we leave I will miss this city and it's beauty, especially on days like today.

My sister recently upgraded to the Iphone 7 Plus.  Has anyone "tested" it?  Just curious.
I'm happy with my 6, but always curious about what's new.  I am especially
 interested in the camera.  If you have, you know how to get hold of me
and give me some feedback.  Appreciated.  Thank you!

Wishing everyone a very good day.  Remember, if you don't start out the day
with a smile it is never too late to practice for tomorrow.