Jul 27, 2017

And The Heat Continues...

Life is a journey that must be travelled no 
matter how bad the roads or accommodations...

A heat wave is mild to what we are having here in Branson, but at the same 
time grateful that we do not have the humidity like we do in Florida right now.
  No matter what this heat is "better"  Arvid says that one day when we do
 go back to Florida we will be spending the summers here in Branson

 We have a house here in Branson, so makes sense to get away from 
the Florida humidity in summer.  At least that's the plan.  From Branson 
it is easy to get to many other places, more specifically Chicago.   

The hotel business is going very well.  No complaints there.  Business 
is booming and we are doing good.  It is hard work at times, but 
on the other hand, we are NEVER bored.  Can't remember what 
boredom feels like.  Guess that is also good.  Branson is busy. 

There are many new attractions for families with kids.  Summer vacation
 is soon over.  Kids will be back to school.  Come September there 
is a different crowd that comes to visit.  More grown up people and less
 kids.  The theaters will be full.  People always seen to like 
the shows.  We have not been to any as of yet, and being hotel
 owners we can actually see them for free.  Hmm.. 

Arvid has finally realized that is way too hot to wear long sleeves sweaters. 
 All of a sudden he says, "I need to go buy some shirts."  About time he realized that.

Finally yesterday one of our favorite TV shows started up again.  SUITS. 
 Pretty interesting and now that one of the characters is dating Prince Harry in 
real life it will be fun to see what happens.  Arvid loves his TV shows.  
I don't really care if I watch or not.  When I get home in the evenings 
the last thing I feel like doing is watching TV.  For Arvid it is his 
way to relax.  Everyone does what works best for them.  
Has been another HOT day here in Branson.

Happy Thursday all and may you always live in interesting times.

Television is an invention that permits you to be entertained 
in your living room by people you won't have in your home...