Jul 9, 2017

Hello Sunday ~

The sun is shining.  The weather is sweet. 
 Makes you want to move your dancing feet..

Already. Sunday. The week just flew by. It has been interesting to say the least. 
Yesterday was  busy day at Almost Home.  Everyone was busy with gutter
 repairs. Even I.  The day was HOT but it humid. And fortunately the 
gutter that was being worked on was in the shade.  The work 
continues on Monday.  Never a dull moment. That's for sure.

Weather here has been "interesting" unknown to me, there was hail
 and a pretty intense rainfall early Saturday morning. The tenants 
told me about it. Thought I heard the rain but I guess I was too
 tired to really come fully awake.  Sniff was tucked
 close to me and that's all that matters. Happy boy.

It has been and extremely long time since we last Skyped with 
the grand kids.  L have not seen them in over 2 months and Arvid has only 
seen Vanessa once since coming back from Norway.  Even the little 
ones have busy schedule.  Hopefully today we will manage 
to see them. Fingers crossed.  They are growing too fast.

Happy Sunday all.  Today is a lazy kinda day.  
I'm on a very tight schedule of not getting anything done.

Life is too short to stress yourself.  Sometimes you need
 to stop worrying, planning and just relax, release and let go...