Jul 5, 2017

Life Goes On ~

Time goes by faster than you imagine.  Some days I 
wish I can go back in time and change a few thing...

My week started with a bang and has not slowed down.  As yet. 
 Glad about that because it always makes for shorter days and definitely
 interesting times. July 4th came and went and for us it was a "quiet" day. 

 I took the day off and spent it at home with Sniff and paperwork.  It felt
 strange to not go to work.  Felt a little lost for a while, but not for long.

Branson had fireworks at different locations on different days of the week. 
 Last Saturday there were some.  On Monday there was also a beautiful display
 at The Landings.  Our favorite spot, and on the actual day of July
 4th there was more at Table Rock, by the river.

Many of the tenants from our hotels took taxi's to and from these places. 
 The wait to get a taxi all last week and so far this week has been 
anywhere from an hour to two hours.  I know because I have
 picked up and taken a few tenants to different places.

Weather wise it is just beautiful.  As Arvid keeps telling me, 
"I am so happy right now to not be in Florida."  Yes the weather now in
 Florida is HOT and HUMID!  Have to say neither of us miss it right now. 

 This would be the time we would have been living in Chicago.
  Boy we miss that city, but we are so busy here in Branson that 
there is not much time to dwell on it.  That's definitely good.

Can't believe it is already a year and 8 months since Brutus died.  
A year and 4 months since Shadow died.  As the days go by the grief is not
 as intense, but missing him is a constant.  I picture our home in Florida,
 and it freaks me out to know that he will never be there again. 

 Florida = Brutus.  I love Sniff dearly and I know he knows when 
I am sad.  He comes to me no matter where he is and where I am.  He knows. 
 I want to believe that some of Brutus is in Sniff.  As for Shadow, we see the 
Shadow who lives here.  Breaks our heart every time.  We stop and 
we talk to him.  I just can't help the tears from falling.

Life goes one.  No matter what.  Guess that's good.
Looking forward to the rest of the week.  It's nice and warm with 
a little coolness in the air.  Perfect summer days are here.  So far no
 humidity.  Life is good.  Happy Wednesday to all.

I miss you a little too much, a little too often, and a little bit more everyday.
You never leave my mind even when I have a million things to worry about...