Jul 7, 2017

So Far So Good ~

So far so good but there are still some things to work n.
Nothings perfect.  Follow the calling not the crowd...

Everything considered, this has been a really good week for both
 hotels.  Full.  No "problems" and just a quiet time.  Yes we have 
"incidents", but nothing we did not manage to smooth over.
  Happy about that, makes for relaxing times.

Friday is usually the day I take a few of the tenants out for ice-cream.
So far I have managed to take about 15.  Still have some ways to go.  I also
usually have something as well.  Last week we did cheesecake cones.  

Sniff has been very quiet and withdraw these last few days.  Not sure if it's
 because of the thunder, lightning or the tons of fireworks that we have 
had this past week.  Whatever it is, he is even more withdrawn.
  I'm sure it will be better soon. Sniff is just an adorable kitty.

I miss cuddling with Sniff.  Hopefully one day he will like it.
He does sleep really close to us.  We can pet and touch him all we want 
during the night, he will not move nor get up.  He loves his sleep, 
but during the day he does not want to be touched much. 

 He does not even want to be brushed anymore.  Brutus wanted to be 
brushed 24/7.  Yes they are two different kitties, but somehow I just can't
 help wishing Sniff would be a little more like Brutus.  maybe he senses this.

Arvid and I have lunch out almost everyday.  Love those moments 
we have away from everyone.  Breaks up the day and makes for a pleasant
 outing.  Today we will be trying a restaurant close to his hotel.  Have not
 been there before, but everyone says the chicken is the best.  I love
 chicken so if it true, it will soon be added to the list of favorites. 

Happy Friday everyone and to all a happy weekend.

It's Friday.  The only decision you need to make is bottle or glass...