Jul 28, 2017

Here Comes The Rain ~

Rain has healing powers.  I can wash 
away your worries and cleanse your soul...

Woke up to some rain yesterday.  Much needed right now in Branson.  
Brought with it a little freshness in the air and some cooler temperatures.  
Everyone talked about this change of weather.  I fully understand
 now why the weather is always such a main topic amongst people.

When we lived in Florida it was always the same.  WARM.  There was no
 need to talk about it.  At least not for those of us who live there all the time,
 but now that we don't...well we talk about the weather regularly.  

Now I really understand the Norwegians and why they always talk 
about the weather.  Because like us here in Branson, the weather is so 
unpredictable that it seems to always make "interesting" conversations.

Arvid and  I have lunch together just about everyday.  It's our "alone" 
time during the day and time we get to catch up on each others day.  
Sometimes when we get home it just gets hectic all over again 
and we don't have that much alone time.  We are both
 busy catching up with our own "stuff."

Summer is in full swing here, but I was informed that pool
 season usually ends in September.  Pretty early to me.  I plan on 
keeping  the pool at Almost Home open for as long as possible.
 Everyone is really enjoying it and it's so refreshing to jump 
in after a long days work.  That I was told by many.

The days go by fast.  August 8th will be 9 months we've been here in
 Branson.  So much has happened.  Our lives have changed forever.  
Yesterday Avid got a tenant from Florida.  I sent her to his hotel
 because mine is full and because he has a better location.  

She loved it there and told him that she left Florida because her kitty 
of 13 years died and she could not bear to be there right now.  She rented 
out her home and moved to Branson.  She did what we did.  If Brutus
 was still alive we would still be in Florida.  No questions about 
that.  If Brutus was alive we would never have left home.

This is an adventure really.  My family thinks it's the land where
 anything and everything can and does happen.  They are not wrong. 
 When I tell them stories of our days, they laugh so hard that I 
even end up doing the same.  Let's just say life here is ALWAYS
 interesting.  The days are NEVER boring.  Happy about that.

Cant believe it is already Friday.  To all a happy start of the 
weekend and live it up for you never know what tomorrow holds.

Love and marriage are like walking in the rain..together...