Jul 21, 2017

Happy Friday ~

A good life is a collection of happy moments...

If today is any indication of what the week has been so far, then I
will combust.  It has been scorching HOT all week and there is no slowing
 down the rising of the mercury.  Prediction is hot, hot, hot in our forecast.  Sure 
not missing Florida because we have the heat minus the humidity right now.

While everyone is out and about in shorts and tank tops, Arvid continues
 to use longs sleeves and long pants.  He says that he actually stays cooler this way. 
 Truth is the heat feels like as if you were being baked alive.  I want winter again.

After being on "vacation" for a few days I feel tired and am looking
 forward to our weekend.  Our weekend consists of mainly Sundays off, 
but truth is we always go in to check on things.  Guess we 
can't help it.  Just feels like the right thing to do.

On Saturday we have friends from Florida visiting and we plan to meet 
up with them.  We have known them for quite some time now.  At 
one time we lived in the same building by A1A in Fort Lauderdale. 
 They choose to vacation here in Branson and are having the
 time of their lives.  Something for everyone.

I;m tired.  Glad it's Friday.  For me hopefully a quiet day.  With Arvid you
 never know. He likes to create "work" and to be buzzing around finding chores. 

Happy Friday all.  I plan to take t easy and enjoy my Indian Buffet.
Fridays are after all ice cream day at Almost Home and Indian foodies for me.

It's all the Little moments that make life a BIG adventure.
Happy Friday.  Let the weekend begin...