Jul 29, 2017

Happy Day ~

Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want...

As one of my tenants would say, "just don't get any better."

Waking up to some much needed cooler temperatures.  Feels like
 another world right now.  Have to say that I can't wait for winter to be 
here and to have cold weather again.  I am not a fan of the heat.

Life in Branson has some very beautiful moments.  One of these
 special moments is when we come home and see the deers, and we see
 the neighbors kitties sitting on the road, one being Shadow.

I always try to get pictures and yesterday for a change I manged 
to capture mama deer and baby.  The Bambi family as I will call them. 
 They are beautiful.  A sight we will not see in Fort Lauderdale.

Saturday is looking up already.  To all a good day.

Trust that everything happens for a reason, 
even when you are not wise enough to see it...