Jul 22, 2017

Hot, Hot, Hot ~

Aw, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it...

Saturday morning.  Not as rushed as our weekdays are.  
A little leisurely breakfast and then time to head into "work" again.
Not bad at all.  Wishing you all a calm and peaceful day.

Fridays at Almost Home is always ice-cream time for some tenants,
compliments of yours truly.  On days as hot as these that we are having
 it is always refreshing with a sweet cold treat.  Any day actually
is a good day for a sweet treat as far as I'm concerned.

J lives in Boston.  He recently celebrated his 24th birthday with a weekend
 trip to NYC and sent his mama this picture.  Had to share because I'm
 proud of all my nieces and nephews and want them to know it.

Time to get busy here.  Sniff is doing good.  Arvid as
always busy, busy, but loving it.  He is a special breed.

To all a good day and have a great weekend.
Another VERY hot day here inn Branson awaits us.

I say, it's so hot!  The hens are picking up worms with potholders..