Jul 25, 2017

Tuesday ~

I'm not picky.  I just don't settle for less than I deserve...

Arvid says I am too rough sometimes with the tenants and the potentially
 new tenants.  Arvid is absolutely right.  I am upfront and direct
 before the person even steps foot into my hotel.  I would rather 
warn them of all that I will not tolerate, and everything that is
 unacceptable before I take them in as a new tenant, but like
with everything else, no matter how cautious one is there is
 always always someone who will slip through.  

I am picky to the point that most people are unacceptable in my hotel. 
 I am happy to say that maybe because of my rigid rules there is hardly 
ever problems.  What I face mostly at my place is petty stuff. 
 As Tony, our maintenance guy said, "this we can handle."

My week started out calm and peaceful.  Arvid's started with a bang.
We both love what we do and we both like the place we run.  Arvid is 
good at his and I am at mine.  Neither of us would switch with the other.

Sniff is being quiet.  Very quiet.  He does not want lots of mingling with us 
except when he is hungry.  Then he voices his needs.  Quite loudly.  Being
 so busy I think both Arvid and I have in many ways neglected Sniff. 

 I know we would have never done this with Brutus.  For that I am often guilty.
  I try to make up for it, but Sniff rejects just about everything.  He loves 
his cuddle time with Arvid in the evenings, and his sleep time with us on the 
bed in the mornings.  For that I am grateful and I look forward to everyday.

I remind myself quite often that there is always something to be grateful for.
I may not always have everything I want, but I sure have what I need.

Happiness isn't about getting what you want all the time.
It's about loving what you have and being grateful for it...