Jul 20, 2017

My Canada Trip ~

Live for moments you can't put into words...

Canada.  What an unbelievable experience this was.  After 7 years I once
 again met up with immediate family, and friends.  I also made new friends
 and acquaintances.  Also met family I did not even know we had.  Overall it 
has been an experience that will forever hold everlasting memories.

The main event was of course my cousin Andrew's wedding to Aniq.  
They come from similar backgrounds, but at the same time so very different. 
 The combination of the two made for an amazing time.

The wedding consisted of approximately 500 people.  For the first time that I
 can remember, our side of the family was the smaller group.  Our family was 
only about 200 people.  The girl's side was 300.  Yes we were outnumbered 
for the first time.  It made for a wonderfully, beautiful, colorful wedding.

It was a sit down catered wedding for 500 people.  The  minute you 
entered the hall you were just floored at the details and the attention 
that was put into it. It was a stunning way to start the reception.

I got in on Thursday and was met at the airport by my sister and parents.
We all stayed at the same hotel together with a few cousins and 
some other aunts and uncles close by.  Let's just say that 
no one had much sleep at all, but no one complained either. 
 We were there to have a good time and boy did we.  

The evenings were special because after all the different functions, 
we would all gather in our parents' room, chat for hours and enjoy a 
little adult beverage and lattes.  No one wanted to go to bed, but of course 
we had to because the next day was also full of celebrations.

We did make time to visit our Grandmother.  That was a priority.  On 
Saturday morning after breakfast we all went to see her.  Just like when I 
visit Arvid's dad's cemetery in Norway, visiting our grandma was calming, 
emotional and peaceful.  We talked to her and I know she heard us. 
 We told stories about her and that made everyone smile and laugh.  
Our grandmother was and will always be SPECIAL!

One of the wedding celebration was a Holud Ceremony. 
 Check \out the dance on this you tube video

The girl and her side of the family had on amazing clothes.  My sisters and
 I and our parents also had on the special clothing for that evening as did
 many of my cousins, uncles and aunts.  Everyone looked BEAUTIFUL.

I come from a colorful culture.  Full of beauty.  On this occasion
 there was ample times this was witnessed.  It was a great celebration
 of two lives coming together and the future that awaits them is any
 and everything they want.  For now it is honeymoon is Italy.  

It s good to be back home also.  Here is where I belong, but for those few days
 I was transported into anther world.  Sometimes it was like a fairy tale.

Happy Thursday to all.  Make memories that will last forever.

At the end of the day all that matters is love and memories. 
 Make sure you give it, and make sure you make them...