Jul 14, 2017

Canada ~

Here's to love and laughter and happily ever after...

The last time I was in Canada it was for my grandmothers funeral.  That was 
7 years ago.  Such a long time ago.  March 16th 2010.  It was one of the saddest
 times in our lives.  She was and will always be one of the best persons in our lives,
 and to top it all she was the best grand-mother anyone could ever ask for.

It was a very sad time, but at the same time it was also a feel good time.
Feel good because it just showed us what a great human being she was. 
 There were hundreds of people at her funeral and not one of them had a negative 
thing to say about her.  She was a one in a million kind of woman.  Not many 
of those left.  Of course there is my mom, but that's for another day.

After 7 years I am once again in Canada.  This time for my cousin's wedding.
I am super excited and happy because as everyone knows, the best family gatherings 
are at funerals and at weddings.  No one puts up a celebration like we do.

Yes, we come from a culture where when you say "party" you mean a minimum 
of 100 people.  This wedding will have a few hundred people.  In a way I am happy 
Arvid is at home.  He would probably be overwhelmed.  On the other hand he has been 
to quite a few of these "functions" as he likes to call them, and he blended right in.

The celebration will be going on for days.  Unfortunately I will only
 be able to attend four of the "functions"  Gotta get back home to Arvid and 
Sniff,  but while I am here I plan to really have a good time.  Meet friends 
and family I have not seen in years and form lasting memories.

This is some of the cousins many years ago back at my parents'
 home in North Carolina.  We have changed quite a bit, but the ties that keep 
us united is always there and when together they are stronger than ever.

Looking forward to some days piled with family stuff.  
Not for the weak of heart.  Everyday I am here there is a different activity. 
 Can't wait to get started.  Let the good times roll!

May your life together be full of love and your love be full of life...